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The Zoo with Kids at Home Wellington!

The Zoo with Kids at Home Wellington!
Victoria Breckon
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Kids at Home Wellington

This month's Kids at Home 'Kids Day Out' was to the Wellington Zoo which my care children Flynn and Toby both loved! 

They were so excited to arrive and receive their maps. We took off at a great pace of knots and of course had to stop and look at EVERYTHING! smiley Much fun was had and a lot of interesting questions were asked! The boys did such a great job of walking around the whole zoo and relaxed back at the bottom with a well earned fluffy! 

- Jay | Kids at Home Nanny

Toby's words: 

"We went to the Zoo and my favourite thing first was the Otters and I liked the Goanna, and I liked the thing with the black spots (Cheetah)... and I liked those little Monkeys that I saw when we were having a fluffy! I liked the Lizard and the Gecko and the two of those things that were walking past when we were bouncing on the trampoline (Emus). You can't be mean to the animals, and you can't be rough with the animals!"

Flynn's words:

"I liked the Otters and I liked the Snake and the Lizard and the Gecko. And there were Frogs but I couldn't see any!" 

Every month Kids at Home's Visiting Teachers plan a fun and educational trip to events or places of interest in the community such as fire stations, the zoo, museum, parks etc. Family members are always most welcome to join! 

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