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Planting our Harakeke with Janette!

Planting our Harakeke with Janette!
Victoria Breckon
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Janette had planned that today with her care children, she would plant the Harakeke that was gifted by Kids at Home as part of BestStart's 21st birthday celebrations. 

The boys were waiting for me to arrive, gumboots on, full of excitement ready to go and plant the flax plant! heading to the back door, the first stop was the kitchen to collect the flax. One boy slid the lid off the wooden box while another removed the tissue paper to uncover the flax plant. Handing the plant up to another waiting child, we made our way out to the back door and down the garden path to where we were to plant the flax. 

Janette had already prepared the garden by weeding and digging it over so the boys knelt down, and using their little spades they began to dig! The soil was a little hard so Janette with the help of one boy used the large metal spade to dig a hole to start them off. 

Demonstrating what to do one of the boys picked up the flax and placed it on the earth as if he was planting it. It was so great to see that he knew what to do! But first we needed to unwrap the flax! One of our helpers held the flax while another cut the string. Judging by the way he pulled his hand away and wiped it on his trouser leg, I don't think he liked the feel of the plant very much! Maybe it was cold as it had been soaking in water. I did not have the chance to ask as there was a squeal of excitment from one of the boys as he had seen an insect scurrying through the soil in the hole and disappearing from sight quickly!! After Janette straighted the flax up in the hole the boys worked together to sprinkle dirt around the flax, securing it by patting it down. 

Making our way back inside we carefully removed our muddied shoes and went into the lounge. How lucky was I to be presented with some gifts that Janette had made to demonstrate what can be made form the flax. First I was gifted a lighter case! I will always be able to find my lighter when I was to light my fire at home now. Next I was gifted a kite, and lastly I received a basket to put my pens in back in the office! 

I feel very privileged to have been a part of this learning opportunity. There was a lot of fantastic team work going on as the three boys worked together throughout the entire process. The children demonstrated some wonderful creativity and imagination with the gifts, one created a puppet with the lighter case on his finger, another turned the basket into a fantastic hat! 

Kia Ora rawa atu tamariki, many thanks for my wonderful gifts! 

- Sharlene | Wellington Visiting Teacher

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