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Sue's Diary
Victoria Breckon
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You were so delighted recently, James, to manage colouring in some small spaces by learning to hold your pen correctly. It is still tricky for you to remember the right way to hold pens; your hand wants to grip the pen in a fist, but that doesn't give you the control you want which discourages you when trying to draw or colour in pictures.

This month we have been practising the pincer grip and small, careful finger movements, using a variety of activities and resources. Playing snakes and ladders (your fingers had to be very careful moving the teddies around), using droppers to squeeze up and squirt out liquid, using tweezers to pick up beads, painting and gluing using paintbrushes and placing marbles in the marble run.

This manipulative play helps support fine motor development, control over your body and coordination. This then will help to build your confidence with colouring and drawing, and eventually writing. We will keep those fingers working with more challenges over the next few months!

Sue currently has spaces available in her fun and educational home-based programme! To learn more visit Sue's profile here, or feel free to contact our friendly team in the Northland office! 0800 543 728 |



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