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Fun with painting | Peita

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Fun with painting | Peita 

Te Whāriki : Communication | Mana Reo 

Children learn through discovering different ways to be creative. When developing motor skills children will also in turn develop skills to make choices and solve problems. This could include colours chosen and shapes formed as examples. 

Disposition: Developing a sense of self, developing control over different objects for expressive play. 

Through this activities infants and toddlers can practice and develop skills for awareness of colours, shapes and textures. An introduction to basic maths and counting as well as different shapes. 

Young children are supported in developing and/or refinement of fine motor skills and muscle control. This in turn will support the development of eye hand coordination and control over the ball in the paint. This activity will also strengthen writing skills. Holding paint brushes will also encourage skills in other areas such as scissors and crayons giving a sense of control of their skills in the wider world. Children will also develop a sense of success. 

Ball Art activity

What do you need? 

  • Various balls or round shapes
  • Different coloured paints
  • Large tray with edging, cardboard box lids from boxes of paper are great
  • Containers for the paint and balls to go individually in 


Dip the balls in a colour each. Place a piece of A4 paper in an edged tray or A4 cardboard box. Let the children pick the balls they want to use, as many of as little as they want! Shake the box while the balls are in there from side to side. Watch as the page fills with colour and lots of different textured trails! 

Exensions of this activity!

  • Go on a walk and scavenge for natural resources such as pinecones, spikey chestnut shells, rocks, pebbles and acorns to use instead of balls
  • Do it on a larger scale, using a large piece of paper and rolling bigger balls such as soccer, rugby and tennis balls over it
  • Introduce metallic paints and use black paper so they stand out
  • Add glitters and collage which will stick to the trails


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