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Benefits of engaging a Nanny's service through Kids at Home

Benefits of engaging a Nanny's service through Kids at Home
Victoria Breckon
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There are many benefits of engaging a Nanny's service through a licensed agency such as Kids at Home. 

Is there a difference between a Nanny and a Home-based Educator?

With home-based childcare children are cared for in the home of their Educator in small groups of no more than four children.

Nanny care is an option where children are cared for in their own home. Nannies with Kids at Home are supported by our staff and license however are ultimately employees of the family. 

With both options children benefit from the small group numbers, allowing for quality individual care and attention. We believe this gives children learning opportunities that are tailored to their unique interests and talents during the most important early years of their learning journey.

Financial benefits

A Nannies hourly rate is higher than a childcare centre for one individual child, however for a household with multiple children it is actually a more cost effective option. Many families now choose to Nanny share with co workers, friends or relatives for this reason. Kids at Home's team of Visiting Teachers and administration staff are able to help facilitate this. 

Flexibility and routine

Employing a Nanny means childcare is provided within your own home. No morning and evening rush to and from day care, going home to a dark home at the end of the day to hurry through your after work routine. Using a Nanny as your childcare provider ultimately makes a families weekly routines more streamlined, meaning you have more time for what is really important.

Nanny Share

This is basically what it sounds like, ‘Share care’ means a Nanny cares for the child or children of two or more families at the same time. This is an ideal way for families to benefit from the services of a Nanny while sharing the cost with others.

Children benefit greatly from shared care as an opportunity to socialise with children outside of their family unit in a small group. Shared care is much like employing a Home-based Educator however a share care Nanny would care for your child/ren at your home or the home of the other family rather than their own.

References and Police checks

Putting your children at risk is never worth the omission. All Kids at Home Nannies (and Educators) are reference and Police checked. A police check will highlight a history of unsafe driving, a previous police record of theft, fraud or worse.

References allow Kids at Home’s Visiting Teachers to pair families with an individual who will best suit the needs of their family.

Support and guidance

While a Nanny is technically an employee of your family, Kids at Home appoints a qualified Visiting Teacher to each Nanny who is in regular contact and also makes visits to your child/ren’s place of care. This is a mentor type situation that ensures your Nanny is fully supported in their role of caring for and educating your child in line with our national curriculum ‘Te Whariki’.

The role of a Visiting Teacher also is to foster strong relationships between your family, the Nanny and our Kids at Home brand. Any issues at all, we are here to help and lend our experience.

Professional Development

Kids at Home offers free educational workshops, grants towards tertiary courses and the support of a Professional Service Manager to all Educators and Nannies. Our Professional Service Manager is dedicated to providing support to further develop the curriculum and programme offered by your child/ren’s carer.

Administration and payments

Some families qualify for a WINZ subsidy, 20 hours ECE or multiple birth subsidies, our Kids at Home administration team is here to guide you through this application process. Our team provides a free administration service for the weekly processing of wages. 


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