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Engaging young children at story time

Engaging young children at story time
Victoria Breckon
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Celebrating World Book Day 2018

With World book day on the 1st of March and all of this rain across the country, what better time to spend more time reading with your children!

The best tip for sharing books with young children is to both enjoy the experience! When children are engaged and enjoying themselves, they are learning! Positive interactions with books create good feelings towards reading, which will motivate a lifelong passion.

Pictured is Athena who has a passion and enjoyment of books, illustrations and words.  Athena enjoys the opportunity to choose her own books and takes her time to look through and engage in the world of literacy. Thank you to Athena's family for allowing us to share this photo! 

How to create an engaging experience when children can only sit for a few minutes?

- Talk or sing about the pictures, or with longer books perhaps instead make up your own shorter version using the pictures!

- Let the children turn the pages, remember it is okay to skip pages!

- Create different voices for the characters and use your body to tell the story

- Ask questions about the story, discuss familiar objects you see in the illustrations

- Show children the words, run your finger along the words as you read them from left to right

- Show children the cover page, if you have an older toddler you may like to ask them to guess what the story is about

- Let the children tell the story! Children as young as 3 years old can memorize a story and many children love to be creative through storytelling

- Create books together, make photo books of family members, friends and pets with paragraphs about each person

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