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Eye-Spy at Debra's house

Eye-Spy at Debra's house
Victoria Breckon
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Today our Network Manager Nikki went on a visit to see one of our wonderful Northland Educators Debra and her care children. During Nikki's visit she witnessed a fantastic example of how our Educators support children in language and literacy through a hands on inquiry learning engagement within a home-based environment. 

Debra had arranged for an engaging morning activity;  making our own 'Eye Spy' resource. How? The children filled a vessel with rice and various miniature objects they were familiar with and some items they did not previously know!

This was a great way to encourage language and to extend vocabulary by asking open ended questions to prompt cognitive thinking and initiate discussion. Nikki and Debra initiated the activity with questions and comments such as:
I spy the sun. What other yellow objects can you find? What is your favourite colour? What letters of the alphabet you can see?
I spy a rugby ball -what other balls can you find?

During this activity Nikki noted the following from the childrens actions:

  • Exploration of (texture) the feel and flow of the rice. 
  • Experiencing a freedom of choice from an array of objects. 
  • Science and mathematical concepts (filling and counting)
  • Receiving encouragement to talk about the objects and the connections they had with some items. Relating to their real life experiences.
  • Engaging and contributing to the process at their own level and pace.
  • Demonstrating skills such as turn taking, collaboration, decision making and prediction.

A simple yet effective opportunity for a teachable moment and a tangible resource the children can revisit at a later time and perhaps recreate at home with their Whanau. 

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