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The benefits of baking with children

The benefits of baking with children
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Don’t be afraid to get stuck into some easy baking activities with your children at home. There are some huge benefits of involving your child in the processes of baking, here are a few:

Mathematics and science - influences such as measurement, counting, talking about the ingredient interactions

Literacy - following a recipe and learning that the symbols (numbers, letters, words) hold a meaning and discovering this meaning in action

Communication - conversation skills, questioning. Talk about favourite foods, different tastes, describing what is happening, bonding through conversation and having fun. Talk about healthy foods.

Sensory - what a sensory experience! Taste, touch, smell, listen to the sound, what can you see?

Learning to follow a process - and that by following steps you can create an outcome.

Turn-taking skills, sharing.

Empowering your child to acquire a new skills and make discoveries as they play and learn.

Keep it easy and fun, let children take the lead and challenge themselves! Take a basic biscuit recipe and press shapes into it to create some fun looking biscuits.

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