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Debra's Diary

Debra's Diary
Victoria Breckon
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Kids at Home Northland | Day One.

Kia Ora Whanau Katoa, 
Our day began with a visitor, Nikki our visiting teacher from Kids at Home in Whangarei. Nikki visits a couple of times a month to get to know all of our Tamariki and engage in our programme.  My care children are quite comfortable seeing and sharing their time with Nikki, which is great for them to see other people besides myself and our animals here.
We introduced Nikki to our chooks where one of the boys showed her how he could pick them up gently and safely.

Show and tell this week is focussing on the letter 'Bb', one child brought along his basketball and showed how he could bounce it! Another had brought his rugby ball, and then asked if he may bring his bike on Thursday which is a really BIG one, of course! We are looking forward to seeing that!

We later tried our hands at balloon painting bumble bee pictures! This was a little bit of a challenge but we all enjoyed it none the less! When they are dried we will cut out and display them buzzing around somewhere to remind us of the letter B. 
Nà Whakatauki 
Mà te huruhuru ka rere te Manu ~ With feathers the bird can fly.
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