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The learning behind music

Kids at Home Wellington

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Over the term we have been enjoying rhythm and movement. The children are gaining confidence moving to music and exploring beat and flow with instruments such as drums, rakau and poi, fabric (lycra) and parachutes, balloons and feathers.

"Music is enjoyable, soothing and assists in the development of listening skills, concentration, coordination, cooperation, communication and memory, as well as being a valuable resource for creativity." (

We love seeing children enjoying music with and alongside others  - sometimes we hear them singing the songs later while playing in other areas. We are always adjusting our music sessions to include children's favourites and to offer some repetition so children can revisit and memorise words and actions and also introduce a new song or resource here and there to inspire and explore musical interest and resources. The children love music and so do we!

When Kids at Home went to the miniature trains

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We had an awesome adventure recently at the miniature trains at the Leamington Domain in Cambridge.

The children had a wonderful time learning about the trains and how they work - they all got to take lots of rides on the trains and many of them had the opportunity to toot the horn!

The weather was pretty good to us really, and the educators were happy to see the coffee cart there as well!

Learning through play professional development

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Our Hamilton-based Visiting Teachers, Lyn and Leanne, ran a very successful "learning through play" workshop at Kids at Home's regional office recently.

Wow - our learning stories and Storypark posts will be looking and sounding fabulous after our discussions around the hundreds of ways our educators contribute to the children's learning!

This is one of many professional development opportunities our educators are able to attend on a regular basis.

Easter fun at Kids at Home

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Just before Easter, the Kids at Home (Waikato) family visited Minogue Park to not only celebrate Easter, but to just generally enjoy what was left of the summer sun!

Educators, children and parents alike had a fabulous time at the playground on the flying fox; in the sandpit; playing with the water features; sliding and climbing.

And then... our Easter Bunny turned up! All soft and white with a pink tummy, our Easter bunny had the cutest face and was very, very cuddly! The children were so excited to gather round the Easter Bunny; to cuddle and have photos and to choose a couple of Easter Eggs out of the Easter egg basket.