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Nature Days

Enjoying the outdoors

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We need to allow children to develop their biophilia,their love for the Earth, before we ask them to academically learn about nature and become guardians of it. Akoranga tū-ā-nuku is important to all our tamariki.

Matariki Celebration

June 2018

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We have been celebrating Matariki at the Tauranga Playgroups, the Kaiako and tamariki made stars, contributed to making a kite, listened to music and stories about Matariki and to finish our celebrations we invited our Kaiako and whanau to come and enjoy a shared kai time together.  

Enrolling your child/ren with Kids at Home

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With Kids at Home you choose the Home-based Educator that you feel with best meet your families needs as who else knows your child better than you!? 

What is the process from enquiring to making a connection with one of our fantastic Educators? Here we will run through how a Visiting Teacher will guide you through the decision making stage and give some tips as to what you may like to ask when meeting with potential caregivers.