Victoria Breckon


Whangarei, Northland

Hi, my name is Debra. I live in Whangarei with my nine-year-old son and our friendly Maltese/Shih Tzu dog. I have been an Educator since 2004, 10 years in a centre environment and the latter in home-based education. I am a fully qualified and registered Early Childhood Teacher.

I love home-based childcare for the opportunities it opens up to follow children’s interests and to create new adventures for the children. Recent trips have included a trip up to Kawakawa to follow up an ongoing interest for trains my children have, a bus ride around Whangarei stopping in town for a picnic, and a hunt for dinosaurs in the bush near my house. My children are happy playing at home but we also really enjoy getting out and about in the community. We enjoy bush walks, visits to the park, and other spontaneous play as it arises.

I also love the close bonds I make with the children and their families that are in my care. It is rewarding to watch the children develop and grow into confident children, I support them as they form friendships and have fun playing together.

A typical week in my care consists of gymnastics and playgroup. Recently we have been visiting local Rest Homes for music and movement sessions with the residents. The smile on their faces make it all worthwhile. We have made some lovely relationships with the residents enjoying the children’s energy and sense of fun.  

Home-based education gives me the flexibility to choose the activities depending on how the children are feeling, stay home if they are tired, or out and about if they are rearing to go.   


  • Qualified Early Childhood Teacher
  • 10 years centre based experience
  • 3 years experience as a Home-based Educator


  • Full time spaces available