Victoria Breckon


Whangarei, Northland

Hi, my name is Heather! I live in the Whangarei area with my husband and daughter. 

What I love most about caring for young children is learning about and encouraging their individual interests. Watching them grow in confidence and develop friendships. A passion of mine is the natural world, this is something special I enjoy sharing with my care children. Spending time outdoors together and learning to respect and admire all living things!

I am a qualified kindergarten teacher with a Diploma in ECE. I have worked in the home-based sector for over 10 years in New Zealand, prior to this is spent three years as a home-based Educator in Canada. 

What does a regular week look like for my care children and I? Venturing outdoors every day is a must! Yes regardless of the weather! There is always a chance to rug up and enjoy a walk to the park, stretch our legs and catch some fresh air. In my home there is always arts and crafts, music and dancing with CDs and instruments. We bake at least once a week and sometimes the children like to help with cooking meals such as casseroles and soups. 


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