Victoria Breckon


Beerescourt, Hamilton

Hi, my name is Annette and I have been a Home-based Educator for more than 23 years. I have probably cared for over one hundred children in this time! I love my job and cannot imagine doing anything else. I develop very close relationships with the families of my care children; at one time I was even asked by a family to give up my job, move to another city and become their Nanny because they didn't want their children to be cared for by anyone else!

I believe communication is a huge factor in making the care relationship work, and if we're all "on the same page" the children receive consistant messages and everyone is happy. 

I love children and I love to see them happy. One of my daily 'rituals' is to come to the door and greet them before they even get out of the car - I find this makes the children feel like the special and cherished individuals they are! I find my work enormously fulfilling and one of the aspects I most enjoy is supporting the children in their developmental stages - just watching the expression on their faces when they achieve something is priceless. 

My family consists of my husband Allan, and our three children who are grown. I also have two grandchildren. Our youngest son Jamie, lives at home with us and is studying a Bachelor of Information Technology at Wintec. Our daughter Stacey lives in her own home with her daughter and our eldest son Shane is married and lives with his wife, daughter and step-son. 

My home is large, clean, warm and full of laughter and fun! It is light and airy, well-ventilated and cool in summer/warm in winter thanks to the heat pump! We also have new carpet throughout the house which is lovely for the children to crawl around and play on. 

I have a conservatory at the side of the house which is well set up as a children's play area. There is excellent indoor/outdoor flow with a large deck and a fully fenced backyard that has plenty of room to run around and play in. I also have a play house, slide and a mini trampoline which are popular with my care children. Painting and messy play normally happens outside but I have a kitchen area where we also love to get messy! 

I am very well resourced with a huge range of toys, puzzles, games and equipment for children's play, which I rotate in order to keep things interesting for the children. 

As your family childcare provider I endevour to keep to your child's home routine and culture as much as possible. Every day will be a combination of regular sleeping and eating routines as necessary, and different activities and outings to stimulate young minds. I am strict on the sleep routine as I do not want to send children home to their parents tired and grumpy. I also believe routine helps to make a child feel safe and secure. 

The children will enjoy lots of one-on-one time with me as well as regular group play and quiet activities. When the little ones are in bed I often spend quiet time with older children doing age appropriate activities. 

I like to take the children to a wide range of pre-school activites such as playgroups, gymnastics, Mainly Music and the occasional visit to Chipmunks as a special treat. Sometimes we go to the park or the lake for a picnic and to feed the ducks. I am happy to consider any community activities parents wish their children to be involved in as long as it fits with the other care children. 

Something that I pride myself in as an Educator is the children's profile books that I create during their time with me. I find that the families love these and they become a cherished momento of the start of a life long learning journey!

For transport I have an eight-seater van that has safety approved car seats and booster seats for all ages fitted into it. I also live across the road from a medical centre. 


  • 23 + years experience as a Home-based Educator
  • Certificate in Home-based childcare
  • First Aid certificate


  • Available on request


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