Victoria Breckon


Taumarunui, Waikato

Hi there, I'm Rebecca and I am the mummy of Natalie, I also have a step-daughter Ava who comes to stay in the school holidays sometimes! We have a fur baby called Sophie, a tank full of tropical fish and a pony called Diamond - welcome to our family!

We live in a large four bedroom home with tonnes of outdoor space to play! 

A bit about me, I enjoy getting outdoors, working in the garden/improving my home, we would like to get some chickens in the near future and grow our own veges. I like arts and crafts, I love to bake, enjoy walking, being around animals and reading. 

When can I offer your children when they are in my care? Well my philophy is - outdoors whenever possible! I like for us to be out and about exploring as much as possible, be it in our lovely backyard, our street or our town - there is so much to see and do and nature is the best thing for us! So, following your child's lead, we will get out and explore in the garden, play at the park, build things with our hands, dig holes and play in the mud. If it is raining we will put on our wet weather gear and jump in those puddles! All the sensory experiences that children want to enjoy, I will endeavour to make happen!

What can our community offer your children? We have playcentre, Mainly Music, Read and Rhyme at the library, parks, bush walks and swimming. Anything else that I haven't discovered yet? Let me know!

I believe in children having a 'real' childhood, I believe children need to 'be bored' to learn how to use their imagination, I believe their hands are the first toy and their feet are their second. So you won't find any electronic distractions, playpens or exersaucer type play things in my home. I have a laptop that will be used for limited learning opportunities only and a TV for a child appropriate movie when the weather is limiting our fun. Other than that be prepared for lots of hands-on, sometimes messy, sometimes wet, child-led, lots of learning FUN! 


  • First Aid Certificate