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Sh 23 Raglan / Hamilton

Kia Ora, I am Rosemary and I am delighted to share that I have over 40 years experience in caring for children. I feel that over my many years of caring, I have gained so much knowledge as I meet and care for individual children and share in fun, laughter and learning with them, their families and whanau. 

My experiences included being a Kindergarten Teacher, Caregiver, Teacher Aide at Primary schools and I have been involved in fostering also. I am a mother to six of my own children and truly believe that I can provide you and your child a home away from home. I live on a life style block so I have lots of room for physical play and exploration of the natural environment. 

My philosophy is about enabling children to develop a relationship with nature and in discovering the birds, bugs, insects and animals in our world and learning about how and why they are there. I believe that such opportunities develops children's sense of belonging and supports their understanding of the world around them. Taking the time to use their senses, hear and actively listen to the birds, study the busy ants and go on bug hunts supports children's ability to concentrate, their observation and curiosity. 

I believe that literacy and numeracy learning can be successfully woven into play and through using natural resources. I also value art, craft, sensory play, physical play and exploration of the environment. I cater for all learning types in my programme and can offer a range of activities. 

During the Spring months children will have access to lambs and all of the learning that comes with looking after an animal, including developing empathy, caring for others and taking responsibility. I follow the child's lead in their own unique learning journey and let them guide my practice as we share in memory making and discover the world through their eyes. 

I attend playgroup, music groups and regular Kids Day Outs run by Kids at Home. I follow children's individual routines and work closely with parents when establishing these in my home. I provide safety, security, comfort and confidence to all of those who I am humbled to work with. I look forward to meeting you and your family very soon. 

Nga Mihi, Rosemary


  • 40 + years experience in caring for children as a Mother, Foster Parent, Centre based Early Childhood Teacher, Home-based Educator and also Teacher Aide at Primary Schools
  • First Aide Certificate
  • Completed a course of study in Kindergarten Theory and Practice 


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