Kids at Home 'Goes Green' October: Gardening with Lorraine Pt 2 Read more

Kids at Home 'Goes Green' October: Gardening with Lorraine Pt 2

Kids at Home The Bay

The beauty of gardening in a home-based programme with low ratios is that you can involve children in every step of the way! "Great things grow from small beginnings", Educator Lorraine has planned a wonderful block on 'The Environment' for October where she will be educating her care children on growing food, plants to encourage bees and butterflies, and of course the process of recycling food scraps. 

Enrolling your child/ren with Kids at Home Read more

Enrolling your child/ren with Kids at Home

With Kids at Home you choose the Home-based Educator that you feel with best meet your families needs as who else knows your child better than you!? 

What is the process from enquiring to making a connection with one of our fantastic Educators? Here we will run through how a Visiting Teacher will guide you through the decision making stage and give some tips as to what you may like to ask when meeting with potential caregivers. 

Learning through play professional development Read more

Learning through play professional development

Our Hamilton-based Visiting Teachers, Lyn and Leanne, ran a very successful "learning through play" workshop at Kids at Home's regional office recently.

Wow - our learning stories and Storypark posts will be looking and sounding fabulous after our discussions around the hundreds of ways our educators contribute to the children's learning!

This is one of many professional development opportunities our educators are able to attend on a regular basis.

Nurturing a love of reading Read more

Nurturing a love of reading

Celebrating World Book Day 2018

'The more you read the more things you know. The more that you learn the more places you'll go' - Dr. Seuss

Through books and storytelling children will gain the ability to be creative and expressive and where they learn how it can amuse, delight, comfort, inform and excite.

Public Announcement Read more

Public Announcement

We are proud and excited to announce that from Monday 24th September, Kids at Home will be joining Home Grown Kids as part of the Edubase family.

When Kids at Home went to the miniature trains Read more

When Kids at Home went to the miniature trains

We had an awesome adventure recently at the miniature trains at the Leamington Domain in Cambridge.

The children had a wonderful time learning about the trains and how they work - they all got to take lots of rides on the trains and many of them had the opportunity to toot the horn!

The weather was pretty good to us really, and the educators were happy to see the coffee cart there as well!

Eye-Spy at Debra's house Read more

Eye-Spy at Debra's house

Kids at Home Northland

Today our Network Manager Nikki went on a visit to see one of our wonderful Northland Educators Debra and her care children. During Nikki's visit she witnessed a fantastic example of how our Educators support children in language and literacy through a hands on inquiry learning engagement within a home-based environment. 

Whakaipo Bay with Nadia Read more

Whakaipo Bay with Nadia

Taupo, Waikato

A special poem written by Taupo Educator Nadia about a great day out with her care children! Thank you Nadia for sharing, we love hearing about your spontaneous outings, your enthusiasm for exploring and enjoying the outdoors is infectious! 

Building relationships Read more

Building relationships

Kids at Home Wellington

Enter our blog to view a heartfelt message from Kids at Home Wellington's Visiting Teacher Kristen Currington written on Storypark. After establishing a relationship with 'P' over the last 14 months that he has been in care with his Family Carer / Nonna Kristen highlights the 'special moments' she looks forward to as a Visiting Teacher. Thank you Kristen for sharing!

Our passionate team of Visiting Teachers support networks of Home-based Educators, Family carers and Nannies within their role. Physical visits are scheduled for at least once a month to each home, our Visiting Teachers treasure this contact time as an opportunity to develop relationships with the children throughout their learning journey with Kids at Home. 

Kids at Home values relationships with Educators, Nannies and families which are all built and strengthened by mutual trust, respect and a shared love of our Tamariki. 

Easter fun at Kids at Home Read more

Easter fun at Kids at Home

Just before Easter, the Kids at Home (Waikato) family visited Minogue Park to not only celebrate Easter, but to just generally enjoy what was left of the summer sun!

Educators, children and parents alike had a fabulous time at the playground on the flying fox; in the sandpit; playing with the water features; sliding and climbing.

And then... our Easter Bunny turned up! All soft and white with a pink tummy, our Easter bunny had the cutest face and was very, very cuddly! The children were so excited to gather round the Easter Bunny; to cuddle and have photos and to choose a couple of Easter Eggs out of the Easter egg basket.

Fun with painting | Peita Read more

Fun with painting | Peita

Professional Service Manager | Jo Crosby

Children learn through discovering different ways to be creative. When developing motor skills children will also in turn develop skills to make choices and solve problems. This could include colours chosen and shapes formed as examples. 

Ambulance visit: hands-on learning Read more

Ambulance visit: hands-on learning

Kids at Home had a very exciting visitor to our playgroup recently... an ambulance!

The local St John team came along to our Gillies Ave playgroup and had a discussion with the children about the ambulance service; who they can expect to see, what equipment might be used and what happens when an ambulance is called. The children were then lucky enough to be able to get inside the ambulance, have a good look around, try some of the equipment and have their photograph taken.

The benefits of baking with children Read more

The benefits of baking with children

Don’t be afraid to get stuck into some easy baking activities with your children at home. There are some huge benefits of involving your child in the processes of baking, we share a few with you in our article.

A & P Show Hamilton Read more

A & P Show Hamilton

Animals can be entertaining and educational. Children learn a lot from animals. 

We want to teach your children from their earliest days to be infinitely tender and loving to animals. If an animal be sick, let the children try to heal it. If it is hungry, let them feed it. If thirsty, let them quench its thirst. If weary, let them see that it rests. Visit your local A & P show like our Hamilton Educator recently, what a great opportunity and location to show children a awesome selection of animals.

From the time they were tiny tots, encourage children to respect animals and their habitats and teacj them to interact gently with creatures large and small.

It’s easy to think that kids will naturally be kind to animals without having to be taught, but that’s not necessarily true. Some kids don’t have an instinct for being gentle.

Teaching compassion for creatures can help kids develop empathy for all living things, including their fellow human beings. And encouraging respect for animal habitats is an important part of teaching children about protecting the environment.

Encouraging individual interests Read more

Encouraging individual interests

Kids at Home The Bay

Recently Tauranga Educator Brenda's care children have expressed an interest in dress ups and creative play pretending to be Doctors and Nurses. Wait till you see how our wonderful Brenda supported this newfound curiosity! 

Matariki Celebration Read more

Matariki Celebration

We have been celebrating Matariki at the Tauranga Playgroups, the Kaiako and tamariki made stars, contributed to making a kite, listened to music and stories about Matariki and to finish our celebrations we invited our Kaiako and whanau to come and enjoy a shared kai time together.  

Maori Language Week Read more

Maori Language Week

Kia Kaha Te Reo Māori - Let's make the Māori language strong

Every year since 1975 New Zealand has marked Māori Language Week. This is a time for all New Zealanders to celebrate Te Reo Māori and to use more Māori phrases in everyday life. 

Kids at Home 'Goes Green' October: Let's grow Sunflowers! Read more

Kids at Home 'Goes Green' October: Let's grow Sunflowers!

Kids at Home Wellington

Today at Tawa Playgroup, Wellington we planted Sunflowers to celebrate National Gardening week!

All strands of Te Whāriki are supported when children explore with natural resources. In particular, children's developing knowledge of the natural resources available in our environment is supported in the exploration strand. This is where children develop working theories for making sense of the natural and physical world. 

Join Kids at Home as a Nanny today! Read more

Join Kids at Home as a Nanny today!

Kids at Home Wellington

Many people don't know too much about Nannies or what they do on a day to day basis. While nannies spend long days caring for and guiding their charges through this world, there are many, many benefits that come with this job. Here is why joining Kids at Home as a nanny will top any 9-5 job out there!

Kids at Home Goes Green October: Gardening with Lorraine Read more

Kids at Home Goes Green October: Gardening with Lorraine

Kids at Home The Bay

Gardening is a wonderful way for children to discover, explore and learn! 

Inspired by National Gardening Week our Tauranga based Educator Lorraine has begun a project with her care children in her wonderful backyard that is sure to help with gross motor activites, fine motor activities, sensory experiences and more! 

Hamilton Gym group Read more

Hamilton Gym group

Kids at Home Waikato

Our team loves feedback from our Educators and Families! Gym group is a popular activity in all regions, but an especially anticipated time of the week with our Hamilton care children.

New playgroup venue for Kids at Home Read more

New playgroup venue for Kids at Home

Kids at Home are excited to share our new playgroup venue at Devon Road, Frankton.

This was a big project for our team, with extensive internal and external refurbishment, and we’re really proud of the outcome.

Inside we have added Autex to the walls, painted the surfaces and had new floor coverings laid. Our Visiting Teachers have worked hard to set up individual areas for family play, infants, blocks, books and puzzles, art and messy play. We've also updated the equipment and resources we use at our groups and focused on playgroup planning as a team.

Outside, we've added fences, gates and an outdoor playground, including a sandpit, seating and astroturf. The area is small, but the team are brainstorming ways that we can really make the most of the area by changing it up to keep things interesting.

Nature Days Read more

Nature Days

Enjoying the outdoors

We need to allow children to develop their biophilia,their love for the Earth, before we ask them to academically learn about nature and become guardians of it. Akoranga tū-ā-nuku is important to all our tamariki.

Christmas is on its way Read more

Christmas is on its way

Enjoy Art

The holiday and festive season is upon us.  It’s a great opportunity to make ornaments and gifts with your children for family, whānau and friends.  

Reading is one of my favourite pastimes! Read more

Reading is one of my favourite pastimes!

Celebrating World Book Day 2018

Reading is one of my favourite pastimes so naturally when my children were young I was keen they too developed a love of books! Research shows the earlier parents begin reading with their children, and the more books children are exposed to, the better their later outcomes in many aspects of literacy. 

The learning behind music Read more

The learning behind music

Kids at Home Wellington

Over the term we have been enjoying rhythm and movement. The children are gaining confidence moving to music and exploring beat and flow with instruments such as drums, rakau and poi, fabric (lycra) and parachutes, balloons and feathers.

"Music is enjoyable, soothing and assists in the development of listening skills, concentration, coordination, cooperation, communication and memory, as well as being a valuable resource for creativity." (

We love seeing children enjoying music with and alongside others  - sometimes we hear them singing the songs later while playing in other areas. We are always adjusting our music sessions to include children's favourites and to offer some repetition so children can revisit and memorise words and actions and also introduce a new song or resource here and there to inspire and explore musical interest and resources. The children love music and so do we!

Spring is Here Read more

Spring is Here

Do you believe in Fairies?

Have you ever seen a magical fairy at the bottom of your garden? Perhaps perched on a toadstool, sipping from a snow bell and sprinkling gold dust with a flick of their tiny incandescent wings...