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Reading is one of my favourite pastimes!

Reading is one of my favourite pastimes!
Victoria Breckon
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Celebrating World Book Day 2018

Reading is one of my favourite pastimes so naturally when my children were young I was keen they too developed a love of books! 

The quantity and quality of language children experience in their interactions with parents and whanau during their earliest months and years has a profound and potentially lasting influence on their language and cognitive development. Nathan Mikare Wallis is a father of three and foster parent with a professional background in child counselling, teaching and social service management as a neuroscience educator. "Language is the most complex thing your brain does, so the more a baby is spoken to in the first year probably the 'brainier' they are going to be. As long as you're talking to them you're using most of the brain". 

We purchased lots of book or often went to our local library to keep a fresh supply of reading material. We were always looking for something that appealed to us as much as to our daughters. Quickly we discovered that not all children's books were created equal! 

To take the challenge out of finding something new Kids at Home are regionally going to share what are their favourite children's books for those days you are looking for something different! We hope you find something new and magical to share with the special little people in your life. 

Here were some of the favourites when Kid at Home 'The Bay' team of Visiting Teachers were asked! 

1) Nanny Mihi and the Rainbow by Melanie Drewery and Tracy Duncan

2) The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

3) Grandma McGarvey Paints the Shed by Jenny Hessell

4) A Squash and a squeeze by Julia Donaldson

5) My Dad by Anthony Browne 

The curriculum 'Te Whariki'  that Educators and Visiting Teachers use to support all learning states: 'Infants are rapidly acquiring communication skills, which Kaiako support through a language rich environment. Toddlers language learning is supported through conversations, stories and songs'.

Happy reading, enjoy those precious moments together as a story transports you to other worlds and their adventures! - J. Crosby | Professional Service Manager 



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