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Enrolling your child/ren with Kids at Home

Enrolling your child/ren with Kids at Home
Victoria Breckon
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There are many advantages when it comes to home-based childcare and it is now the fastest growing type of early childhood education in New Zealand.

Time and time again research shows that group size and child to adult ratios are key factors in quality outcomes for children. Home-based childcare enables a close and trusting relationship between your child and their Educator, fostering strong emotional development and attachment. – Under 5’s NZ

So you have decided to look into home-based childcare as an option for your family, so what happens now?

Kids at Home has a selection of our Educators and Nannies profiled on our website, all of whom are available for you to meet and interview. Upon making contact with Kids at Home you will be put in touch with the Visiting Teacher in your area to support you with your enquiry.

What is a Visiting Teacher? A Visiting Teacher or ‘VT’ is a qualified and registered early childhood teacher who supports a network of Home-based Educators and Nannies. This role involves scheduled monthly visits to each home, with contact maintained at least once a fortnight. Their role involves professional development: running workshops and assisting with any further study an invididual may choose to undertake. A VT supports their Educators and Nannies with programme planning, following the Te Whariki curriculum, as well as hosting regular playgroups and events. If your child/ren were to be placed with an Educator or Nanny with Kids at Home your Visiting Teacher would remain available for your family to contact at any time.

Guess what? There is no limit to Educators and Nannies you can meet to consider or how many times you go back for another visit! Kids at Home prides itself in building positive relationships and understands the importance of  finding the ‘right’ person to care for your children. Your Visiting Teacher will ask you a range of questions to support you in shortlisting indiviuals for your family to meet with:

  • What are the age/s of your child/ren you require care for? This is important to accertain vacancies as with home-based childcare ratios of 1:4 an Educator or Nanny can not care for more than two children under the age of two at one time.
  • What are your care requirements? I.e. Mondays and Wednesdays 9.00am – 5.00pm
  • Is there anything unique about your child/ren that we should know? Some of our Educators have experience or specifically qualifications working with children who have allergies or special needs which includes anything from behavioural to physical.
  • What areas do you live and work in?
  • Would you like support applying for a WINZ subsidy?
  • Is your child/ren currently enrolled with another ECE service?

Your Visiting Teacher will also run through our administration process, regular events run by our service as well as Kids at Home playgroups, gym and music classes that are available free in your area should you like your child to attend with their caregiver.

Once the interview process is arranged your Visiting Teacher will take you to meet the Educators/Nannies suitable at your earliest convenience.

When visiting an Educator’s home this is a great opportunity to not only receive a tour of their ‘environment’ but to also ask any questions concerning your child’s care. If you are not confident your Visiting Teacher will be more than happy to lead this informal interview, some examples of questions we would encourage you to ask are:

  • What is your daily routine?
  • What excursions do you reguarly do? ; playgroups, music, gym
  • What is your hourly rate?
  • What are your hours/days of work and are you flexible with this?
  • When could my child/ren start?
  • What age group of children do you have in your home?
  • Do you have family or friends visit?
  • What do I need to supply; pram, bedding, carseat?
  • How do you deal with challenging behaviour?
  • Do you cater for children with allergies?
  • Where is my child going to sleep?
  • What should I pack in their bag each day?; Food, drink, swimming gear?
  • What happens if the Educator is sick?
  • What is your experience with children? Do you have references?
  • Do you attend professional development opportunities with Kids at Home?
  • How will we communicate?
  • How do you record educational development?
  • Do you use Storypark?

The Educator will also likely have some questions for you also regarding your work arrangements and home life. Such as what routine do you follow for naps, does your child have non-allergy related dietry requirements, what are your child’s interests/likes and dislikes?

When you decide to select an Educator and enrol your child/ren with Kids at Home your Visiting Teacher will make contact with you reguarly for the first few weeks to check how things are going. They will also be able to report back to you with their own feedback after visits to the home where they will spend some one on one time with your child on activities, as well as observing them in a group setting as a part of the Educator-child assessment.

We look forward to hearing from you and joining your family on your child’s learning journey!

‘Hi Kristan (VT), a big thank you for all the support you gave me while I was looking at different options for my son’s care last year. You suggested a few different women whom I met with, and Tanya happened to suit me perfectly! I really appreciated you getting in touch and encouraging me to meet with the carers as often as I needed to feel comfortable. You asked great questions and helped me feel comfortable with the idea of leaving my son in someone else’s care’ – Katherine | Parent

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