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Spring is Here

Spring is Here
Victoria Breckon
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Do you believe in Fairies?

With the start of Spring what could be more perfect than to plant a fairy garden....
This garden was made from treasures collected from the Op shop and the two dollar shop. It was placed in a forgotten space in the garden and now is a place where imagination runs wild. Small tea light candles at night create a magical space and sometimes there are even treasures left by fairies the next morning! Whether you create them in containers, flower beds, or at the base of a tree, fairy gardens make whimsical additions to your outdoor space where children can enjoy the wonder of what might be!!

Inspire your children to draw and plan their very own fairy gardens. A 'supplies needed' shopping list could be made - with ‘special fairies’ at the top of the list. Our young creaters can get to work - digging dirt, collecting moss, succulents planted and little flower pots carefully laid. Colourful butterflies can flit above luscious little green gardens decorated with flowers, crystals, rainbow stones, jewels, shells and other sparkling bits and pieces. 

There will be lots of creativity, imagination, cooperation and collaboration going on with creating your fairy gardens with ongoing discovery, fun and exploration. These exquisite little gardens are places any magical fairy would  love to call home.

In an age where “screen time” has become a regular part of life for many children, fairy gardens are a great way for them to unwind, refocus the mind and tap back into their own creativity.

That’s the true magic of a fairy garden!

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