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Marvellous marbling effect with shaving cream

Marvellous marbling effect with shaving cream
Victoria Breckon
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This is such an easy process and not too expensive. We just used a home brand shaving cream, so it only cost a few dollars. And you hardly use up any paint at all.

This was our first time using the shaving foam for marbling, and it was a blast. Little miss 3 loves all the different stages that happen when making our marbled pictures. But her favourite part is swirling all the colours together and seeing all the different patterns she could make.

The final effect you get is just beautiful. Once you’ve made a few prints you can use the final artwork to make birthday cards, Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts, etc. Just fold the thick paper in half to create a card. You might like to embellish by using a little glitter, you’re only limited by your imagination here really.

You will need
Shaving cream (the white foaming type not the gel type)
A shallow container to play with the shaving cream in
Food colouring, liquid water colour paints, or mix a small amount of water with any acrylic paints.
A stick or chopstick for mixing
Thick card for scraping the foam off your paper
Water colour paper or thick paper

What to do
1. Spray the shaving cream into your dish. We used a tray under our dish to make clean up easier. Then, if you like, you can smooth out the shaving cream using the back of a spoon or a spatula. Kids love to do this part themselves.

2. Use the dropper to place the food colouring or watered-down paint onto the shaving cream.

3. Using your stick or chopstick swirl the food colouring around to make a marbled effect (don’t over mix it or it will go muddy).

4. Once the colours are nicely swirled together, lay your paper down on the shaving cream, and press lightly.

5. Remove the paper and scrap it with a thick piece of card to remove the excess shaving cream.

6. Leave the artwork to dry in a warm spot. Now you can frame it or turn it into a gift card.

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