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To All Mother's, past, present, soon to be, step, foster ......

Happy Mother's Day

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Hold my hand mummy and show me the way, so that I can go out in the big world one day.

Teach me the basics and then let me learn, should I ever get stuck I will know where to turn.

Cheer me up mummy when I'm feeling blue, I can always rely on a kind word from you.

Dry my tears mummy when i'm feeling sad, Let me know it's ok and I won't feel so bad.

Show me the sunshine and then set me free, to be the brilliant person that you raise me to be.

Little Gardeners

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Whether it planting a vegetable garden or growing flowers from seed, gardening provides kids with many valuable lessons. The practical aspects of gardening teach children basic maths and science, but gardening also teaches responsibility, encourages creativity and provides a positive place for children to think, relax and recharge.