Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know which is the right childcare option for my child?
    We understand that as parents, you value flexibility in your childcare services. That’s why we offer parents the option of a Home-based Educator, a Nanny or a Family Carer.
    Call our team on 0800 543 728 to discuss the best option for your Family.
  2. What is the difference between a home-based educator and a nanny?
    A Home-based Educator cares for a small group of up to four preschool children in the home of the Educator. A Nanny provides education and care in the child’s home.
  3. What age group do you provide childcare for?
    As we provide preschool care and education, our age group is from birth to six years.
  4. Who chooses the educator or nanny for my child?
    You are in control, therefore you choose the Educator or Nanny that you know is right for you and your family. A strong bond forms between parents and Educators/Nannies, which enhances your child’s care. Kids at Home is an advocate for high quality, home-based childcare. All of our Educators and Nannies have passed a stringent interview process including police and reference checks. All homes where care is carried out have met or exceeded the safety requirements of the Ministry of Education prior to your interview visit.
  5. What are the guidelines for your childcare service?
    Our homes meet or exceed the requirements of the Ministry of Education. We are licensed by and operate under the Ministry of Education Licensing criteria 2008. Kids at Home is reviewed by the Education Review Office periodically and this report is publicly available. All our Visiting Teachers are qualified early childhood teachers who hold full teaching certificates.
  6. Will my child receive an educational programme and how will I know my child’s needs are being met?
    Through play, children engage in active learning and exploration. They learn more about their interests and about the world. Most importantly, they learn how to adapt to a changing world. Play helps us remain creative and provokes our imagination. We encourage play and learning through exploration.

    We do not limit ourselves to one teaching method or development philosophy because we understand that each child is unique. We believe that each child has their own learning style and personality that must be accommodated. Teachers and Educators work with your child’s individual needs through educational programmes.

    Storypark online portfolios provide real-time and interactive records of your child’s day in care, as well as identifying their achievements and development Families are not charged for their StoryPark account.
  7. How will I know what my child is doing?
    You and your Educator will develop a close bond; they will let you know what sort of day your child has had on pickup and will follow any instructions you’ve given them throughout the day with regard to sleeping, eating and so on. We also have a Daily Records book which is available for you to view or take home. This book details sleeping, eating, toileting and other behaviours. Your Visiting Teacher will contact you on a regular basis, normally by phone, to update you with the progress they’ve noticed at visits and playgroup sessions. They are also available to you by phone, e-mail or text during licensed hours.
  8. Will my child attend groups or community-based events?
    Yes! We encourage our Educators to participate in groups and community-based activities wherever possible. This helps your child gain a sense of belonging to a wider community.

    We have regular play, music and gymnastics groups which offer excellent opportunities for mental, social, emotional and physical stimulation. Your child will interact with their peers and try new things. We also offer regular educational and fun activities and trips!
  9. Will I be able to visit my child during the day?
    Yes, you are able to visit your child anytime while in our care.
  10. Can I continue to breastfeed my child while they are in care?
    Yes, you are most welcome to continue to breastfeed your child while they are in care.
  11. Can I visit our educator’s home before my child starts to help them settle in?
    Yes, we recommend orientation visits prior to commencement of childcare, during these visits you are required to stay.
  12. What happens if my educator or nanny is sick?
    Kids at Home will do our best to provide you with an alternative Educator or Nanny should you require one. If you choose not to have an alternative Educator or Nanny, you will not be charged.
  13. Will I qualify for a WINZ subsidy?
    You very well might – please call our office on 0800 543 728 to find out. Alternatively, you can ring your local WINZ office to discuss your individual situation.

    The amount of help you get depends on the number of children in your family and the amount of income you have. This will be paid to Kids at Home and will reduce the amount you have to pay.

    Parents in work or training (or in some other circumstances) can get up to 50 hours a week in childcare subsidy. WINZ will pay for a family with a “stay-at-home-mum” a maximum of nine hours per week who meet the income test.
  14. Do you offer the 20 Hours ECE subsidy?
    Yes we do. All children aged three and over are eligible. Call our office on 0800 543 728 for more information.