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I certify that the above details are correct and agree that this information can be given to a family if they are looking for an Educator. I also agree to advise Kids at Home by way of phone call or correspondence should my circumstances change.

Rules and Regulations

    Kids at Home are licenced by the Ministry of Education to operate Home-based services. We provide children with an Educator who is safe, committed to their wellbeing and able to provide an environment which will encourage their learning and enrich their lives. To do this we must adhere to certain rules and regulations. Educators are given a copy of these rules and regulations and are to review them regularly.

    Please read the following summary of those regulations to ensure you feel able to fulfil them:

    As a home-based Educator you must:

    • Have a safe, fenced area for children to engage and play in.
    • Provide a rich learning environment for the children in your care.
    • Supervise the children at all times and whilst in vehicles all children are accompanied by the Educator.
    • Children must be seated and supervised when eating.
    • Have a current First Aid Certificate.
    • Disclose to the manager of Kids at Home any criminal convictions you have.
    • Discuss any concerns you have about a child's well-being or safety with your Visiting Teacher. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
    • Ensure matches, lighters, poisons, medicines, alcohol, household cleaners are stored out of reach of children.
    • Ensure your home has smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers.
    • Have a written evacuation plan.
    • Carry out a trial evacuation every three (3) months.
    • Give your families as much notice as possible if you are unable to care for their child for any reason.
    • Have written permission from parents before administering medication.
    • Keep the Daily Records Book/Compliance calendar up to date.
    • Ensure you have all the emergency numbers recorded in the Daily Records Book.
    • Contact parents if a child becomes unwell while in your care.
    • Contact parents if you become ill while caring for their children.
    • Wash your hands after all nappy changes and before any food preparation for children.
    • Apply sunscreen when outdoors and as necessary for the weather conditions.
    • Ensure children are using correct car seats/restraints before travelling with them in a vehicle.
    • Ensure you have your full drivers' license if you are going to be transporting children.
    • Ensure that your car has a warrant of fitness and registration.
    • Take part in Professional Development as required by Kids at Home.
    • Obtain written permission from parents to take children on any outings that have not been authorised in the Compliance Calendar.

    As a home-based Educator you must not:

    • Smack, bite, shake, physically harm, humiliate, tease or provoke any child in your care.
    • Invite anyone into your home, knowing or suspecting they have committed crimes of violence, or committed any crime against children.
    • Talk about the children in your care, or their parents, to anyone. If you have any concerns please contact your Visiting Teacher.
    • Leave a child unsupervised in a motor vehicle.
    • Allow visitors to be alone with the children.
    • Allow visitors to change nappies.
    • Allow children to have access to pornographic material.
    • Partake of any alcohol or non-prescribed mind-altering drugs while at work, or for ten (10) hours before starting work.
    • Put children or babies to bed with food or drink. This includes bottles.
    • Smoke in front of the children, where food is prepared or in the children's play areas. If possible please do not smoke during work hours.
    • Leave a child unattended in the bath, or anywhere near water.

    For a full summary of our rules and regulations please refer to the Kids at Home policies.

    Please note: your contract may be terminated without notice should we receive any information that indicates you are not suitable to work with children. Additionally, if we have paid for any course fees, First Aid Certificate etc in advance and we receive information that requires us to terminate your contract, you will be expected to reimburse Kids at Home for these costs.

I * (enter your full name) have read and understand these regulations.  

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