Victoria Breckon


Greerton/Gate Pa, Tauranga

Hi, my name is Debbie. I have been a Home-based Educator since around 2002 with much of that time with Kids at Home The Bay.  As an Educator I feel very privileged to be able to look after your beautiful children. I offer a safe, happy, fun and stimulating environment and encourage your children to explore and grow to their full potential. 

Our home has a fully fenced outdoor area and also a playroom with quality resources. The children and I love to attend music groups and playgroups, As well as excursions to the library and events that allow the children to socialise, explore and play. 

We have lots of fun together doing arts and crafts, playing games and puzzles and exploring nature. I enjoy organising activities to suit each childs interests, this is a very rewarding part of my job! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, I look forward to meeting with you and welcoming you and your family into our home. 


  • First Aid Certificate
  • Over 18 years experience 
  • Diploma in ECE 

Debbie's Philosophy

To encourage & support children to have an enthusiasm for learning by providing a stimulating environment offering a wide range of fun activities, memorable experiences and opportunities for them to explore, be creative, discover and engage in play that interests them.

A responsive curriculum incorporating child-initiated approaches by noticing and building on inherent talents, interests and strengths.  Encourage children to challenge themselves in areas that may be developed with support and supporting resources.  Warm, fun and responsive interactions so that children feel relaxed, valued and are comfortable to explore and learn at their own pace.  Children are empowered to be themselves and thrive to become confident and independent.


'To Debbie - We want to express out appreciation for your excellent work caring for our children.
The difference you have made in our loves is immeasurable. Thank you for everything you have done for Indy and Gus in the last two years. They have truley flourished. You are one in a million and you will be missed very much.'

'To whom it may concern, Debbie has been the home-based carer for your twins Dylan and Alexa since September 2015. Debbie is a fun teacher with a great sense of humour, she spends quality time with the kids rather than sitting back to watch them play on their own. She will stop talking to you to eat a pretend cake, or answer a pretend phone that one of my little ones has put in front of her without even realising she is doing it. Debbie is a wonderful carer and like a second Mum to them. Debbie's home is full of toys, games, puzzles and books. The children get to do messy play like painting, crafts, playdough, baking and jumping in puddles. She sets up activities to make the children use their imagination and has made my shy son come out of his shell and enjoy these types of things. They go on bus rides and walks, they ride bikes, scooters and go on outings to the parks and playgrounds. Debbie has hands down been the best carer/teacher any of my children have had. My twins are the youngest of six children over 14 years so we have had many teachers over the years and none of them have come close to giving my children the level of love/care/attention that Debbie has. I can highly recommend Debbie as a Home-based Educator, if I wasn't moving out of town she would still be my twins carer.'- J.Cook

'Debbie has been my granddaughters preschool teacher for 18 months. At three years old she lost both of her parents and was very unsettled and could not talk properly. She was very unpredictable and would lash out kicking and screaming. Debbie has helped to calm her down and she is a very lovely happy little girl now. Their relationship is amazing and my granddaughter even calls her Mum. She has taught her to speak properly, to count and to write her name and do her ABC's, I would absolutely recommend Debbie to anyone with preschool children to give her a call. You will find she will love and give 100% to your child. You can leave knowing they are in safe hands' - Anonymous 


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