Victoria Breckon


Te Puke

I am located in Te Puke central, so I am able to access any group activities going on in our community (Mainly Music, Playgroup and Gymnastics) which we do weekly.  I have a warm and loving home, a big back yard with a sandpit and a range of toys and resources for the children to explore and play outdoors, and a big playroom full of toys, and arts & crafts for creativity and learning.  I encourage children to enjoy books, so we have heaps of those as well.  I love learning through play and I use Storypark to keep Families/Whanau updated with what your children are doing and how they are developing on a regular basis.

Please contact Kids at Home if you would like to enquire about home-based care with me.


  • First Aid Certificate
  • Level 3 Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care


  • Full time spaces available

My Philosophy

I provide as an Educarer a warm dry environment where children feel safe, happy, included and where they can have fun learning and play. A large outdoor area with resources where they can be active.  A place where Families/Whanau can be confident their children are safe and happy, and Families of different Cultures know their child will be included and respected.  I talk to my Families about their aspirations and needs for their child – ongoing.

I respect and encourage my children’s individuality and observe them so I can help to develop their interests and strengths.  I provide warmth, encouragement and respect towards my children as their caregiver.  I have rules and boundaries for their security and show them how to respect each other and their environment.  I have routines with meal times, rest times and hygiene.

As well as providing fun and learning with resources at home, they also experience socialising with other Educarers children at organised and approved outings - Mainly music, Playgroup, Gym and the Park.  This is important for them to learn and develop new skills in safe places and respect for different environments and their community.

I use an online site to constantly gain new ideas for resources to stimulate the children’s learning in Literacy, Crafts, Fun Games and Outdoor Activities.


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