Victoria Breckon


Mount Maunganui

Hi my name is Trish and I have three grown up children and eight grandchildren. I have been an Educator for 30+ years.

I am play centre trained and have completed a level Three Early Childhood  course. I continue to enjoy professional development provided to me by Kids at Home and make an effort to access my own opportunities for learning. I provide quality home based care where the children are nurtured and supported in their learning journey.  Each programme is designed specifically around your child's requirements and supports their interests, strengths and challenges. 

I believe in building strong relationships with families and children as being the basis to quality care. My environment is well resourced with intentional educational resources for children to play and learn, both inside and outside.


  • First Aid Certificate
  • 30 + years experience as an Educator 
  • Attends professional development opportunities with Kids at Home


  • 'Trish has been a very important part of our family for three years now. Both of my boys have been in Trish's care and I can go to work knowing they are in a happy, safe, fun and educational environment. My eldest has been with Trish since he was 6 months old. He has grown and learnt so much in this time and I love seeing his face when I pick him up and he shows me something new that he learnt that day. Trish educates thorugh play using her many resources and that has helped to keep my busy boy stimulated. She has a patient and caring nature and Aiden will miss her a lot. My youngest has been with Trish for two months now and I love that when I drop him off in the mornings he greets Trish with a big smile! While there, he plays with the many age appropriate toys that Trish has. He has the space to roll around and watch the kids. Trish has a large range of toys and resources to suit all preschool ages. Each day something different is set up on the table for when they arrive and they can get started. Aiden tells me every day what they have been doing and is sometimes hard to get in the car when I pick him up! The kids are not short of social interaction as the carers from around the area frequently get together. Aidan has developed neat little relationships with most of the kids he sees and that has been great learning for him. Alongside his home life, Trish has taught him many skills to help him have a great start in life. I will not hesitate to recommend Trish to anyone that I know is looking for childcare in the area - we will miss her! - H. Topman
  • 'Trish is absolutely amazing! My daughter is currently with Trish and has learnt so many things and is such a bright young girl with the help of Trish on her side! A lovely woman and great person to have influence your child. Trish has also helped me so much with my work circumstances' - S.Davis


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