Victoria Breckon


Chartwell, Hamilton

The process of going back to work is not easy for any parent. I would like to make it easier by opening  my home and heart to provide a safe place for your precious child.

I am a mother of two children, who I am very proud of.

I have a natural motherly intuition and am very patient.  I communicate honestly with my parents to form effective working relationships.

Every activity done on a daily basis includes some aspect of learning, whether learning colours, numbers, songs or other learning. I support your child’s learning and educational achievements, your aspirations and choices for your child on their journey of discovery.

I regularly attend gym, playgroups and Mainly Music. Creative, expressive song, dance and physically active play are encouraged here. We also go on outings to the park, library, feed the ducks and on bike rides.

I am open to discussing your child’s learning and interests.


  • First aid certificate
  • 22+ years experience as a Home-based Educator 



'Our son has been with Whaea Vicky for just over a year now. Whaea Vicky has opened her home and nurtured our son, loved him and guided him in learning through fun activities and play in a safe and caring environment. Whaea Vicky is patient, kind and dotes on the children, we always knew our son was happy and very well cared for. Whaea Vicky is one of a kind and truly goes above and beyond for the children and their families' - Renee

'My son is currently based with Vicky, he will be there for one more year at which point he will turn five and start school. His brother also went to Vicky from one year to five years, they have both thrived in her care. Vicky is the most caring, thoughtful, safety consious, accomodating, selfless carer I have come across. She has cared for and helped raise members of my family for the last 18 years and we have never had any problems or concerns. Vicky has my highest recommendation and any child would be blessed to have her care for them' - C.Balzer

'Whaea Vicky has been looking after my two children for the past four years. My eldest son started with her when he was two years old, my youngest then took his place when he moved on to school. Whaea Vicky and her whanau have taken care of my babies as they would their own whanau and have all been so involved and loving towards my boys. She has always provided a caring and loving environment where the children feel safe and are able to express themselves. Knowing that they are out in the community and involved with playgroup, gym and other activities that support their learning and development, social skills and confidence is important to me. Whaea Vicky ensures that they do these activities and supports the children to do this at whatever level they are comfortable with. As a mother being able to leave my children in the care of someone as loving and nurturing as Whaea Vicky I can go to work and be completely at ease knowing that my children are in the best care possible' - Monique

'Being a solo mother who works full time I wanted a nurturing environment that encouraged the growth of not only their individual personalities but also a whanau atmosphere. Whaea Vicky walks the talk that is evident in her own whanau and how they interact with our children. I like the fact that she has a balanced programme, daily outings with the wider service Kids at Home and then afternoons at home where she has inside and outside activities. I have seen both my tamariki to Whaea Vicky knowing that when I am at work my children are safe and happy. If this is not the case Whaea Vicky is on the phone to me immediately. Whaea Vicky has played an important role in our lives and for that I will forever be thankful. Nga Mihi Nui' - J.Perfect

'Our daughter has been in Whaea Vicky's care for four years and we also watched Whaea Vicky offer the same quality care to our nephew until he started school. We believe that Whaea Vicky sets the standard for caregivers. Her loving nature, sincere attention to on-going development, and genuine concern for the children in her care, is unmatched. Whaea Vicky goes far beyond what is required to give our daughter a variety of opportunities to explore and learn in different environments. We understand that children's learning is fostered best in a safe, encouraging environment where she feels cared for and loved, and Whaea Vicky has provided that every day for which we are so grateful. Our daughter's language, confidence and social skills have come a long way because of the interactions she has had when in Vicky's care. We are so thankful that she has been in Vicky's great caring hands. - Luz + Brian

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