Victoria Breckon



Hello, my name is Donna. I am a mother of four children that are in their teens and young adult stages of life. I am married to Dale and love sharing our family and home with others. 

Curiosity is a wonderful way to explore our world, I am passionate about creating a safe, loving environmnet that fosters learning through curiosity and play. With over 25 years experience I believe I can provide a space in which your child can be themselves, explore and be supported through their learning journey. Our home is inviting and has a large playroom full of toys and resources that help engage children in their learning experiences. I reguarly attend playgroups, which is a wonderful way to enlarge their social setting while still having me alongside to offer support and encouragement.

I find my job extremely rewarding, it is such a privilege to be part of a families journey. My passion for young people lead me to attain my Diploma in Early Childhood Education prior to having my own family. Then when my family was all at school I went on to train as a counsellor obtaining my Diploma in Counselling and a few degree papers on 'family strengthening'. I believe that through my training and passion for children, I am able to provide an amazing environment where your child can be loved, nurtured and supported through their play and routine that I provide. I would love to have a chat to see if I am the right fit for you and your child/children. 


  • 25 + years experience as a Home-based Educator
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Diploma in Councelling
  • Completed papers on 'family strengthening' towards degree qualification


  • 'Donna has been our family Educator for the last 4.5 years. Due to financial circumstances, both my husband and I had to return to work very quickly after the birth of both of our children. Both of our children have been in Donna's care since 14 weeks old and 6 months old. There is no other woman that I feel more comfortable leaving my children with and I can hand on my heart say that I feel Donna is a second Mother! I have even had to clarify with my son on a few occasions that he is not from Donna's tummy! Both my children absolutely adore Donna and her family and I feel that Donna and family have been one of the main positive contributors to their upbringing. I feel so confident in Donna and her skills to raise beautiful, confident, well mannered, valued, loved and knowledgeable children in our community. She continuously surprises me with her dedication to create school ready pre-schoolers and is always willing to upskill herself to keep up with early childhood education pre-requisites. Donna loves and treats all of her care children as if they were her own. Donna's personal family have also had a huge impact on my children's upbringing, each day is always filled with music and laughter and they have attended our own weddings and birthday celebrations and we support one another through happy and difficult times. Meeting Donna and her family has been one of the most life positive events that has happened to me and my family and I am so happy that we have created a wonderful friendship and relationship for life.' - J.Vahry