Victoria Breckon


Mount Maunganui

Hello my name is Juliet. I am an Educator with Kids at Home. I hold a National Certificate Level 5 in Early Childhood.

I offer a safe, secure and professional environment where each child is supported and nurtured through their play and learning. My home has great resources which I use to guide and extend each child's learning journey, I particuarly enjoy doing projects based on children's interests.

I also like to involve the parents with their child/children's learning and invite them to special morning teas. Relationships are an important part of early childcare and creating a strong start to their learning journey, I strongly believe in responsive and reciprocal relationships with both parents and children.

I attend every professional development offered through Kids at Home as I enjoy learning new ways of supporting and teaching the children in my care.

Looking after children and watching each child grow and learn is both rewarding and my passion.

Juliet's Philosophy

I believe in providing an inclusive environment where all children and whanau feel a sense of belonging and firmly believe in whanau being apart of the children’s learning journey.

I believe in providing experiences in the wider community where they gain knowledge, respect and understanding of other people, places and things. Contributing and giving to the community is a fundamental part of the children’s learning and my philosophy.

I implement an emergent programme where I plan and follow from the children’s interest and parent aspirations.

I believe in providing an environment where each child is encouraged to explore and learn at their own level, encouraging engagement in new learning experiences. I provide age appropriate resources and experiences which promote the children’s interest. From there I extend them to the next level of learning.

I believe that all children’s family cultural beliefs should be respected individually. I see all play to be valuable and I document learning experiences through Story park profiles.

I believe that when your children leave my care, they are well equipped for their next learning journey.


  • First Aid Certificate
  • Level 5 National Certificate in Early Childhood Education
  • Many years experience as a Home-based Educator


Dear Juliet, Please accept the following as a recommendation to any of your future parents considering childcare with you. We had the pleasure of having Juliet care for our one-year-old son when I first returned to work.  It was a challenging and scary time but Juliet was fantastic at easing our nerves and accommodating everything we wanted for our son in care. He always loved going to Juliet's house with all the fun toys, where he was allowed to play and explore inside and outside easily. The other children attending care always seemed very happy and had been with Juliet for many years which is a testament to her nature and skills. She was always very dedicated to the children's needs and developmental stage.  We were pleasantly surprised to see that Juliet had a term focus to donate to various charities, it was very nice to be involved and teaching the kids about giving.  Juliet was flexible when we needed it and she could accommodate, that was always much appreciated We recommend having your children in her care if you have the opportunity and are lucky enough to get a space! 


Juliet little was a home-based caregiver for our daughter Fern for approximately 1 and a half years. Fern started with Juliet when she was 20 months right through until just after she turned three. 

Juliet was always a kind, caring, passionate and generous caregiver we always appreciated how every week she did different activities with Fern and really dedicated to one-on-one time with her. Juliet even helped Fern learn how to recognise her name. Juliets passion for children really showed with her dedicated home-based environment with lots of toys and activities for the children to do while also changing the environment to meet the chirdrens growing needs. Fern loved her time with Juliet and we appreciate everything you have done for us. We know we will see Juliet around in the future and looked forward to still sharing Ferns journey with you.

Thank you

Amber, Dave and Fern

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