Victoria Breckon


Dinsdale, Hamilton

Hi, my name is Heather! I am proud to say my partner and I are raising two awesome teenagers. I became an Educator in 2001 when my son was almost one, I loved the idea of him having friends to play alongside and learn with in a warm and nurturing home-based environment. Now here I am over 18 years later and I can honestly say I am still loving and learning from my job. I am passionate about children learning through their play and believe everything we do has a learning outcome.

I enjoy getting out and about and exploring our community. I believe life is all about exploration and the more exploration we have especially in those early years, the more knowledge we gain. My home offers a lot of room to play and explore. I provide a safe and nurturing yet stimulating home-away-from-home with a range of toys and activities inside and out. These help keep my little people busy and developing their young minds and learning through play, while having the opportunity to learn with and alongside others.

With Kids at Home we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend regular play, music and gym groups at no extra cost to parents. By attending groups such as these my little people learn to navigate larger groups and they are learning to communicate with their peers and develop and extend their friendships. They are making discoveries and exploring the wider world around them.

We are usually busy enjoying home day activities or out and about in the mornings before heading home for lunch. We then like to enjoy a more relaxed afternoon. I pride myself on my profile books which tells the story of children's individual learning and adventures we have had. My little people seem to like to refer back to these and often take home to share their experiences with their family and friends.

I am available to work Monday through to Friday so if you would like to come and meet me and my little friends to discuss your childcare needs and your aspirations for your child, please contact the Kids at Home team today!


  • First Aid Certificate
  • Over 17 years experience as a Home-based Educator
  • Orientation and introduction into family day care
  • Professional pathways in Early Childhood Education (Level 5)
  • Attendance of professional development opportunities offered by Kids at Home: Te Whariki and Be School Ready


Heather was a full time home-based carer for my daughter for four years and also a part time home-based carer for my son for three years. In total I have known Heather for 13 years. In that time I observed a natural nurturing nature towards my children and even though my children are older now she (Heather) is still a major part of our family. My children adore her to this day. When seeking care for my daughter I was persistent in looking for a place where my daughter would feel comfortable in a home environment with a kind, loving carer. I found that and more with Heather. Nine years later when I had my second child I was at ease knowing we had Heather to care for him also. Heather was always accommodating to our children and us as their parents, always going above and beyond for us. My husband died tragically whilst my son was in care with Heather. He was three years old at the time. During this particuarly difficult time Heather went above and beyond for him daily and there was not one day that I didn't pick him up with a smile on his face. It has been over two years since my son has been in care with Heather and we miss seeing her everyday. She is more than just a carer to us, she is our family. I cannot recommend Heather enough. There is not a single person that I would 100% trust with my children more than her. She is a complete natural when it comes to children. She truly is the most kind hearted person, and we are so grateful to have her in our lives. I am sure many future parents and care children will love her just as much too. - Anonymous

I was first introduced to Heather in 2010 through a close friend who highly recommended Heather's services. There is something special about word of mouth as a reference when choosing services such as midwives, doctors, and childcare. My two children, now aged three and a half and five years old, have been attending home based childcare at Heather's since aged ten and eight months respectively. If I were to choose one word to describe Heather in her role as a home-based childcare provider, it would be 'expert'. That encompasses several key qualities in her personality in the optimal balance, coupled with years of experience which together results in an admirable presence amongst children. She has a calm and nurturing personality, has an abundance of patience and love, and connects with every child in her care. My observation of Heather's core beliefs about childcare for preschoolers is that she promotes learning through fun and play while she nurtures secruity, emotional attachment and social interactions. She is a firm believer of the concept of 'age and stage' and seeks to find the right balance between routine and flexibility. Heather's home provides a safe and stimulating learning environment for children. She is a baker and has a number of pets. She is a creative, artistic individual supported by a practical other half which is a bonus for bringing her larger ideas to life. Her teenage children really embrace her occupation through their interactions with the children. Heather is at ease with children of different backgrounds. Children are not limited to the home environment, they enjoy gym sessions, music sessions and several outdoor walks where they get in touch with nature. There are also visits to the library, playground and the occasional bus trip. They therefore has plenty of opportunities to be active participants within larger groups. At Heather's house successful transitioning to school is facilitated in a varity of ways. Literacy and numeracy, although definitely encouraged and nurtured are second place to ensuring that preschoolers develop positive emotions about school, are able to communicate with peers and adults, can navigate larger groupds and form friendships and become as independant as they can be with eating, toileting, getting dressed and looking after their belongings. Heather extends her care and communication to the parents. She seeks to appreciate life at home and to understand the parents expectations, so that she can contribute positively towards outcomes for the children she cares for. She celebrates all of the children's achievements and she enables them through their challenges and disappointments. A sincere thank you to Heather and her family for sharing our journey so far with our two children. Somewhere along the way, we have become whanau - Natalie

 Heather was highly recommended to us by a friend and when we first met her we could see why. She genuinely cares for each child as if they were her own. Our son has been with Heather for three years now and our daughter has just recently started. Both our kids love going to Heather's where they have a fantastic environment. Each day is filled with activities and there are regular outings where the kids get to socialise with other children and learn life skills. We can't recommend Heather enough, she is amazing! - G + O Armstrong