Victoria Breckon
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Rototuna North/Huntington Hamilton

Hi, I'm Shalaina. I'm situated in Rototuna North/Huntington area. I am married and have 2 children of my own. My home provides a safe and welcoming space for your child to learn, play, eat, rest and of course have plenty of fun. I am enthusiastic about guiding and nurturing children, for them to learn and have experiences that assist in building that foundation in the early years.

With the 1:4 ratio, it allows me to really get to know your child's personality and have plenty of time for individual interactions, be more responsive to your child's physical and emotional needs and develop a secure emotional bond helping your child to feel encouraged and confident in them-self.

I enjoy providing activities, water play and outdoor experiences for children to learn through these means, children can have fun exploring and learning with a wide range of resources and indoor activities as well as visiting our Kids At Home playgroup, music groups, nature walks, and parks, all of these things combined help children flourish and become independent, confident, compassionate, respectful, kind, well-mannered and sociable individuals.

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