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Hi, my name is Megan. I have always enjoyed working with children for over 18 years, the half of which have been with the team at Kids at Home. 

I have a current first aid certificate, a full drivers licence and attend regular Professional development workshops with Kids at Home. I am a very outgoing and caring person who enjoys providing a safe, inviting home with great resources to look after our precious little people. The children and I go to Mainly Music, Playgroup, Gymnastics and the park - we love our outings!

I welcome you to visit us at home if you are interested in home-based care for your children. 


  • First Aid certificate 


  • 'Megan has looked after my daughter since she was five months old and she is now 2. My daughter is with Megan for four full days a week while I am at work. My partner and I count ourselves very lucky to have Megan as our childcarer - when you work full time you want your daughter to be looked after by someone who replicated the role of mum as much as possible and Megan does this remarkably well. I am always aware of how Saskia is behaving at daycare and this includes the good with the bad times, Megan is honest about the children's behaviour which I really appreciate. I am not looking after my child for the majority of the week so I want to know exactly what is going on with her and why. Megan will not hesitate to ring me if my daughter is unwell however she is very realistic and understands that if my daughter is home sick then I have to have the day off work or organise cover so she tries to be as flexible as possible. Megan takes the children out to different activities nearly everyday of the week from Mainly Music to Gymnastics to Playgroup. It can't be easy getting four kids in and out of the car and looking after them at these various activities but Megan understands how important interacting with other kids is and also how much they love it. When the kids are at home they also do a variety of interesting activities such as painting, water play, playing with playdough and baking. My daughter loves going to Megan's, she is always excited to go to daycare in the morning and although she is happy to come home in the afternoon I know she has had a great day. She absolutely loves "Meggy" and I would highly recommend Megan as a childcarer to anyone, anytime.' - Heather

  • 'Megan has looked after my daughter from 7 months and is still looking after her now at 3 years. Megan has been amazing, just like a Nana. My daughter loves going to Megans, she learns so much and goes on so many trips during the week. Megan can't do enough for her kiddies, she treats them all like her own. I have no hesitation in recommending Megan to anyone, she is brilliant!!' - Sam 

  • 'Megan was my son's Home-based Educator for approx. 4 years from 2014 - 2017. I am a busy Mum whom works as a Primary School Teacher. I would highly recommend Megan as a Home-based Educator for any child and if I was to have another child I would put my baby with Meg from birth without hesitation. Megan is incredibly caring and it is obvious that she genuinely loves and cares for the children in her care. Megan has clear, consistent boundaries and the children know exactly what they are meant to do and there is mutual respect between Megan and the children in her care. Megan provides a balanced curriculum, and the children get the opportunity to learn in a rich learning environment where they are nurtured, well-fed and cared for. During my son's time with Megan he attended Gymnastics and Mainly Music which he thoroughly enjoyed. Megan reguarly updated me with photos and stories of the adventures they had together. One of Megans strengths is her ability to care for her children. My son suffers from Asthma, I always felt very confident leaving him with Meg and she would ensure I was kept well-informed of his Asthma and he was always well cared for. Megan always went above and beyond and helped to toilet train my son, and at times when he was very fussy at eating, Megan was able to support him in trying new healthy foods. Megan's home is clean and very well organised and Megan responds to any requests I made regarding my son and his sleeps with a warm manner making sure both of our needs were met' - S. McCauley