Victoria Breckon


Hairini, Tauranga

Hi, my name is Bronny. We live in a lovely family home that has plenty of space for children to explore. We have a private reserve which has a lovely grass space to play on as well as a huge avo tree! 

I am married with three children and have been working in home-based care in Tauranga since 2008. I have also worked in the UK as a Home-based Educator. 

I encourage and support my care children to experience the greater outdoors. I enjoy and recorgnise the importance of working with their families to follow the needs and desires for their children. 

I believe it is a privilage to be part of a child's life and enjoy watching and supporting them to grow into competent individuals. 

I work three days a week so I can balance my families needs and be full of energy for your children. Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8.00am - 5.30pm if needed. 

I enjoy taking my care children to parks and playgroups and following their interests. I have a current First Aid Certificate which will always been kept up to date. 

I look forward to meeting your family! 


  • Nine + years as a Home-based Educator in NZ and the UK
  • First Aid Certificate
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